Man, having (not provided) come up on Analytics sucks.  It started slow – users logged into their emails were spared of pulled information based on what their search queries were.  But the inevitable happened, the search keywords were masked, and now we’re stuck with Bing/Yahoo results providing us with great feedback on what has been ultimately pulling people to the site organically. Let’s look at the other angle of the situation before we get to the point:  Google Adwords is generally one of the most expensive digital marketing components that any business has.  It certainly puts you in front of tons of people immediately, but a lot of people find themselves just saying “I wish I was getting more out of this”.  Well here is something that’ll hopefully make you feel better.

The Solid Keyword Research you may not be aware of

This is also going to be an extremely important an integral part of pay per click as a whole, so this is two-fold.  We will be looking at some opportunities and we will be identifying keywords as negative keywords so future prospects can’t click on irrelevant keywords.  To begin, go to your campaign settings in your AdWords account, and then click on the tab “keywords”.  From there, go under details to search terms, like the image below:

From there, you’re going to start seeing a bunch of keywords that probably don’t look anything like the keywords you’re currently bidding on (unless they’re entirely exact match, where they’d look familiar).

If your campaign’s keywords are very broad, you’re going to see them get all over the spectrum.  For example, this campaign has a very broad terms like “pest” and “lawn”, so it has generated all sorts of results for people.  Pay per click campaigns are often very specific for the purpose of conversions, and so sometimes you’re going to have keywords that are right on (in green), some that are close but could still possibly lead to conversions (in yellow, and these make excellent blog topics in some situations) and others that just need to be eliminated via negative keywords (in red).

Take a look.

This gives you an overview of EXACTLY what people are typing in.  As you optimize your campaign, you’ll start to see fewer and fewer reds and more greens.  You still want the keywords in between because of the interesting ways people search for businesses like yours, and the unique ways people will end up buying your products and services.

If you’re confident your keyword is trash, identify it has a negative keyword, which you can see below:

Select in the box all the keywords you want identified and proceed.  You likely want it across all of your campaigns as well.

So there you have it.  If you need help with conducting keyword research, optimizing your PPC account, or both, please reach out to us!  We love to talk about this stuff.