From all of us at Market My Market, this is kind of an Internet Marketing 101 moment.  Essentially, you can’t make promises, and if you are, you probably shouldn’t be.  Promises can come in many, many different forms, most commonly:

“We’ll get you on the front page of Google!”
“We’ll double your revenue in 3 months!”
“Your phone will start ringing off the hook in a matter of days!”

How about we dispel those questions right now?

“We’ll get you on the front page of Google!”  How long, and is it pay per click?  This technique can definitely be achieved…using black hat techniques.  You certainly will be page one for several weeks, and then the site will be permanently blacklisted by Google for suspicious link building and will probably never rank again.

“We’ll double your revenue in 3 months!”   Perhaps if your internet marketing company is buying your products/services.

“Your phone will start ringing off the hook in a matter of days!”  Again, probably a long shot.

Not to say that there aren’t a lot of great marketing companies out there, but it is important to understand that SEO takes time.  You may see results in the beginning, but for the full extent of the work to start becoming visible, it could be between 3-6 months.  This is because legit SEO practices take time to be processed by search engines.  But once this strategy is laid out and stays on course, these results tend to stick around for a long time.

Why do they make promises?  Often times, to earn your business.  Google algorithms shift too often for anyone to be able to predict you will maintain a desirable position on search engine rankings immediately.  What are some of the more manageable expectations? With a lot of effort (practically full time), you can expect the following:

Local Keyword (City) – Possibly 3 months
State Wide Keyword – Possibly 6 months
Nationwide Keyword – Possibly a year

Note that these are possibly and really just for a niche keyword too – no one is going to rank you for general keywords like “Fast Food” or “Aluminum Foil”.  That expectation comes with entire full-time teams of 10+.

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